The Handmaid’s Tale TV Show Episode 7 – Review

Handmaids Tale Episode 7

Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale Episode 7 – Review

The episode is a collection of events and difficulties faced by June and Luke in their attempt to leave the US, now named Gilead. The episode has been accepted well by few and criticized by many. It raises a question for the makers that, is the audience willing to absorb stories devoid of Offred’s present situations yet! That being said, this was a chance the makers had to take. This also gives an indication that no matter how unsettling the world of Gilead is, the audience is still hooked and wants to see more of it.

We see Luke gets shot, walks miles in this wounded state, weak and hopeless, and he finally finds himself a shelter in a destructed shop. This acts as a blessing in disguise for him when he finds a group of escapists led by a woman. The group confuses Luke to be a guardian of Gilead and he becomes their target initially but the woman leading them decides to trust Luke and takes him along. Fighting all odds he refuses to give up because he has a reason to stay alive, his wife and kid need to be saved. He learns that one of the women in the group was rescued from the guardians and they were not ready to let go of any fertile women. This got him all the more worried for June. He desperately wanted to go back to look for June and Hannah. But people in the group convince him to go further with them, they tell him he would die if he goes back. Luke had to live for his wife and kids so he decided to go ahead with them.

Moving on, tackling problems one after the other, In between, we see flashbacks of the series of events when this big change in the then US was occurring before it completely turned into Gilead. June and Luke had tried to flee and took help of a man to move across the border. They had to do all sorts of things whatever the man asked, even getting transported in the boot of a car.

Finally, they get a shelter in the man’s house who helped them and promised to get them go across the border. He goes to get passports for the family but he couldn’t come back to live up to his promise. The man was killed by the guardians. Luke and June had to move on their own now and we all have seen what happens next.

The foreign delegate who gave the news about Luke to June asked her to write a message quickly for Luke. For the shortest time she got, to write a message for her husband who was dead according to her, she wrote: “I love you so much, Save Hannah”. When Luke receives this message in the present day, it leaves him in shock and awe, he is unable to absorb these mixed emotions of fear, happiness, and bewilderment in that moment.

One wish that gave June solace in this dystopian world had come true. She had never imagined that her husband could be alive. Now, she has all the more reason to be brave and to fight back. A reason to keep going and a hope that maybe they will live like a family again!

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