The Handmaid’s Tale TV Show Episode 9 – Review

Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale Episode 9 – Review

We are learning some real life lessons in this series. Don’t get attached to another being. This is true for a mother of a newly born too. The time to fulfill a Handmaid’s destiny is here. The opening scene shows all the handmaids gathered at the Putnam house for a new kind of ceremony: Baby Angela is officially being handed over to her new family. It’s time for Janine to be transferred to a new house, have a different name.

Offred decides to take it up a notch and somehow become a part of ‘Mayday’. She approaches her handmaid friend who always seems to know what’s going on. “I want to help,” she says, referring to Mayday. But the handmaid acts dumb and says she doesn’t know what she is referring to.

Later when Offred is out on her walk, the same handmaid friend comes and apologizes for blowing her off earlier, but did it to not gather unwanted attention then. She says if Offred really wants to help Mayday, she has to go back to Jezebel’s tonight. There’s a package that needs to be picked up from Rachel at the bar. Offred is confused but decides to do it. She has to convince Commander to take her out again but should not be that difficult.

And hours later they are out on the road again. Offred must be really good to have made him agree on going out the same night. Nick doesn’t look very happy to take them out again and when they reach the freight elevator of the same hotel, he warns the Commander to wary of any unwanted attention. The commander insists on going straight up to the hotel room. But this would ruin June’s plan to meet Rachel at the bar. Upon her asking, commander says they would go to the bar later if they have time.

Poor Serena Joy is back at home sewing in front of the fire. Serena finds unused baby mittens and becomes really sad. She goes into the kitchen trying to find alcohol here and there which alarms Rita about someone’s presence in the kitchen at night.

Surprisingly they enjoy a drink together. Serena becomes soft on her and they share a bonding moment there.

Janine is getting ready for her first ceremony in her new house. You can’t have a wish of your own, it’s Gilead, nobody considers having sex without the consent of a women, rape. “No, I don’t want it,” she cries during the ceremony. “Get the fuck off me!” she screams. “Don’t you fucking touch me!”

Meanwhile, Offred is lying back at Jezebel’s, waiting for the Commander to get it over with. “Did you like that?” he snarls. “Let me know next time. You don’t have to be quiet here, you can be free.” She mentions going to the bar quite a few times and next we see Moira walks in. “Relax,” he says. “I did something nice for you.” With that, he leaves them to catch up while he showers.

What he knew! So he knows Offred was acting all this time. I am not surprised though, the commander wants her body, but a man who chose power over the love of his life would definitely be smart enough to understand and not let a woman dictate his actions. And for the first time, Offred is shocked to see her friend Moira. She is astounded to see how much this place has changed Moira. A full of life, living life on her terms kind of girl is so afraid of everything around. Offred used to think of her as a strong shoulder in Gilead but these people have got to her head. She says her name is Ruby now.


Offred is all alone now. She had this friend, this one companion’s shoulders to rely on but now has lost the faint hope that gave her the strength to keep going. As he sneaks up the stairs, he is surprised by a fully awake Serena Joy, who pretends not to know that he’s been out. Offred climbs into bed and dreams of her family.

In the middle of the night, Serena wakes up Offred and says it’s an emergency — Janine has kidnapped baby Angela and is threatening to jump off a bridge.

They want June to talk to Janine and make her give the baby back. No one steps forward to police June as she steps out of character and tells Janine that all of this will end, and they’ll go out drinking. This is what she needs to hear to hand over the child — and that’s all that matters. For a second, June is tempted to join her, but she can’t. She has her daughter, and Janine must save hers. “You have to give her the chance to grow up,” she says. Janine feels for her baby, though she doesn’t want to give her up, she cannot take a decision to her baby’s life.

Janine kisses her baby, hands her to June, jumps off the bridge. Janine doesn’t die — we see her later in the hospital as Aunt Lydia hovers over her, Uh oh this can’t be good. For her, I wish she had.

Waterford should be scared now because Janina made it out in the open that Warren was cheating on his wife. We see he is being taken in the black van. It’s not much time before Serena confronts Waterford or finds out about Offred and his night outs.

The last we see Serena Joy in this episode, she’s marching determinedly into her husband’s office.

Offred finally gets her package. She might have put some sense into Moira to have finally gathered her courage back and get this packet to Offred.

“Saved it for you, special,” the butcher says. Attached is a note: “Praise be, bitch. Here’s your damn package. XOXO, Moira.” Moira is seen stealing clothes and taking a car.  I think she’s free finally!

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