Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale Episode 10 – Review

Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale Episode 10 – Review


Here is we are, back to where it all started. A flashback to June’s early days at the Red Center, we have been shown this set up quite a lot of time where June has just reached Gilead and is unaware of what’s happening.

The first thing they were taught was to keep their eyes lowered, and hands clasped. June is taken to a room where something is implanted into her ear, a chip or something. The handmaids are no less than animals in Gilead. This must have something to do with in the future, maybe to track every activity of theirs.

June recalls there used to be a fear of some sort on every Handmaid’s face initially which is no longer there replaced by one of defiance. “It’s their own fault,” June says. “They should never have given us uniforms if they didn’t want us to be an army.”

Offred hides the package sent to her by Moira behind the bathtub for safe keeping. She’s still basking in the light of her recent triumph when she enters her bedroom, only to be smacked in the face by a very angry Serena Joy. She holds up the Jezebel’s dress. She says: “You could have left me with something.” But then she violently grabs Offred and makes her take a pregnancy test. Serena was angry at Commander but Offred was at the receiving end. This is what women do, blame each other when they both know a man is responsible for their tears.

Serena confronts Commander and he is not shocked or surprised in any manner. In fact, he blames Serena for bringing Offred to their house. Serena warns him to stay away from Offred, she

June tells Nick she is pregnant. He is surprised in a good way. For a second here, he gave a smile, I saw it if no one else did. It changes everything. The sweetest way in which Nick touched her stomach and looked at her, in her eyes. It is their kid, they hold hands and share a moment of togetherness.

Serena comes from behind and asks Offred to take her coat, they are going somewhere. It is Hannah! Can’t believe my eyes, all this time Serena knew where they had kept June’s daughter. While Offred was locked inside the car, Serena chit chats with Hannah. She looked adorable in a cute dress. June shouts continuously, scratches the window panes to let her out and meet Hannah once.

Serena comes back and tells June that her baby is safe as long as Serena’s is safe. June begs her to let her meet Hannah once but she doesn’t.  Meanwhile, Moira’s another attempt to escape Gilead turns successful. She reaches Ontario! Moira. Moira is shocked, a man who takes care of the refugees is helping her understand the process for refugees but is not able to believe her eyes and ears. She made it! Luke meets Moira and they share a moment where Moira cries, she is finally out.

We see that Warren Putnam is going down for the crime of being a gross cheater and stands remorseful in front of the council. Waterford suggests that he be let go with a warning, but the other members think otherwise, Waterford is surprised to hear that Warren’s wife herself asked to go for the worse punishment possible. Waterford is scared, someday it is going to be his turn so he goes back home and tries to make things right with Serena, And Warren loses a hand. Sitting alone in her room, June opens up the package from Rachel. It’s not Anthrax, or a bomb, as Moira feared. It’s a stack of letters, cries for help from handmaids whose lives have been ripped apart, their children stolen. It’s proof of the dark side of Gilead. So many names, so many letters. Offred wakes to the sound of three bells, she knows someone is being salvaged today. A stoning, in fact. The Handmaid’s gather together and my heart was pounding. Please don’t be someone I like in the show!

It’s Janine! Oh God, her punishment for trying to kill the baby is death by stoning. The handmaids refuse to hit her. They unite and Offred sort of initiated this whole thing. Everyone followed.

“We said no. We refused to do our duty. To kill Janine. And for that sin we will be punished, I have no doubt,” Offred reflects, staring out the window once home. “I ought to be terrified, but I feel serene. There is a kind of hope it seems, even in futility. I tried to make things better, for Hannah. Change the world, even just a little bit.”

Then as she waits, comes the black van. Nick slightly hugs and tells Offred to trust him and go with the men. She is calm and happy to do it. She informs Rita,  “Behind the tub”. She knows everyone is a prisoner here. Even though they are not best of friends but she will understand. Serena asks Offred “After all that we have done for you”. Like a proud felony, June goes and sits inside the black van. The commander and Serena are helpless.

The look on June’s face while going inside the van is priceless like she had won something! The next season is going to bring us a lot of excitement, maybe Moira and Luke try to save June and Hannah and what did Nick mean by Trust me, go with them. Is he coming for her? All we got to do is wait!

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